Laminova Dual Core C43 Oil Cooler

This is the Laminova Dual Core Oil Cooler based upon the C43 range. It uses almost all regular Laminova parts with the addition of a couple of specially designed and manufactured items.

dual core laminova oil cooler

Laminova Dual Core C43 Oil Cooler

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In its simple form the Dual Core Laminova Oil Cooler is a regular C43 oil cooler with an extra 90mm housing and core connected to it. The simply yet clever joining flange ensures the two oils being cooled cannot mix and allows the coolant to flow through the two Laminova cores as if they are a single item.

laminova dual core connecting flange

The engine oil cooling section can be any of the three standard lengths or it could be a custom length. The extra dual core section is a 90mm housing and core. This added unit uses almost all regular Laminova parts.

The design and development of the dual core Laminova oil cooler using C43 parts has been undertaken by Think Automotive, the UK importer. It has been successfully used in touring car racing for several seasons and has remained almost unknown within the marketplace. The Think Auto racing team required a unit to control engine oil cooling and transmission oil cooling. Their touring car, a Renault Clio, was fitted with a sequential gearbox that needed help with controlling oil temperatures. This is how the dual core Laminova using C43 components came about.

mathew potter think automotive


The dual core Laminova oil cooler is primarily suited to engine and transmission cooling in high demand environments such as racing. There is no reason why other fluids are not cooled, they could be power steering or differential oils.

laminova dual core c43 oil coolerComponents

This is an itemised listing of what is included in the kit, and does not include the initial engine oil cooler you may have:

  • 90mm Housing. This has threaded oil port connections because the long fixing bolts result in the standard oil port fixing bolts not working.
  • 90m Core. A standard core
  • Fixing Bolts. These are four long fixing bolts that go from one end all the way through the parts and into the existing Laminova oil cooler.
  • Connecting Flange. This is a new component that connects and seals both cores and housing together.
  • Oil Ports. Two -06 AN male oil ports that have a male thread and O ring seal to screw into the modified 90mm housing.
  • Gaskets. Two coolant port gaskets for the connecting flange
  • Large O Rings. Two large O rings for the connecting flange.

This is it all grouped together.

laminova dual oil cooler kit components

How to Purchase

This kit is available from Think Automotive – 020 8568 1172