Laminova Bracket

new-laminova-bracketThe all new Laminova bracket designed and produced by Ian Caseley the authour of Laminova Pro. Who’d have thought that  creating a fitting guide would result in designing and manufacturing a new bracket to make the installation of your Laminova a whole lot easier? Our new bracket fixes to the Laminova oil cooler by the four fixing bolts that hold the water connections in place at each end of the housing. This is very similar to the old version of Laminova bracket but we needed to make a few changes. This page goes through all the details and explains what improvements we have made.

Why Make A New Laminova Bracket?

When looking closely at the existing bracket we noticed a few things that could be improved. The problems were in these two key areas – Cost and Compatibility. It’s an easy opportunity to to add a lot of value to the market place for not a lot of work. Anyone installing a Laminova oil cooler (did you know we have a detailed article titled ‘Install A Laminova Oil Cooler?) is going to benefit from having a pair of these new Laminova brackets. You can save the drawing below.


The old style of Laminova bracket had a few drawbacks that I noticed early on. The old bracket has a full 360° collar that offers no or very little structural aid. In fact, in some instances this stops the bracket from fitting over the barb at the end of the push on water connection. In addition to this the large hole for the water connector to fit through had a diameter of circa 38.00mm. The bracket would foul or conflict with the radius base of the water neck where it meets the flange.

This resulted in the bracket not resting against the flat surface of the flange. A major problem. The new Laminova bracket design overcomes both the compatibility with a wider range of sizes and the correct fitting. This has been achieved by having an open horse shoe design with a larger internal radius. The result is a bracket that will fit properly on the majority of water connections. The sizes this new bracket will not fit over are 45.00mm push on, 32.00mm 90 deg push on and -24 AN threaded. According to Think Automotive, the UK importer for Laminova, they seldom supply these three water connections.

What We Wanted To Achieve

laminova oil cooler fixing bracketWe wanted to create a utility bracket for the Laminova. Something that is not expensive and something that can be filed or cut to suit the users particular needs if required. We also wanted to offer something more for the Laminova user.

The aspiration is to produce a quality bracket, manufactured in proper commercial environments and to precise specifications.

The Laminova Bracket Drawing

laminova-bracket-drawingAs with any production project, being sure of the deliverable from the outset is very important. The Laminova bracket is one of the easiest and less stressful projects I have even been part of. The first task is the one that takes most of the time – the drawing. We needed to create a bracket that would fit as many of the Laminova water connections as possible with out compromising its suitability on any individual version. With this in mind it was clear the two largest water connections and the 90 deg version would not be included.

Laminova bracket drawing

If you want to make your own Laminova C43 Installation Bracket or commence production, you are welcome to use the information in this drawing.

The design was then self explanatory. We just needed to confirm material and thickness and do a test piece. We had the drawing finalised some time ago and did nothing with it. Other commitments meant the bracket was not high on the list of things to do. However a chance talk with one person who said he really needed a bracket that worked and could be used across a wider range of water connections forced the first production run.

Laser Cutting The Laminova Bracket

laser-cut-laminova-bracketWe had the first batch of 100 profiles laser cut from 2mm thick CR4 mild steel. The grade of steel is important because we will be giving each piece a tight 90 deg fold. We do not want to compromise the material in any way during the folding process. It has to retain strength and accept the final protective plating with a uniform finish.

Laminova-Bracket-flat-trial-fit-to-housingThe profiles were checked and trial fitted to a Laminova oil cooler just to be sure it was a good fit around the base of the water connector. The radius for the large cut out is 22mm to give a 44mm opening. This is the largest opening we could cut and retain material around all four bolt holes. Any larger and heat from the laser would distort or even evaporate the thin metal between the bolt holes and the large opening for the water connector to pass through.

new-laminova-bracket-resting-on-water-connectionThis picture shows the Laminova bracket profile to be a good fit to the water connector flange. Notice how it fits and avoids the small radius at the base of the water neck.

Folding The Laminova Bracket

Each profile has a 90 deg fold that is applied in the same place on each one. To do this we made some tooling to fit to the folding press that will hold ten profiles at a time. Time taken to fold the first batch of bracket profiles was a few minutes.

Protective Plating

The last step is to give the Laminova brackets some protection from corrosion and oxidisation. We had all the brackets plated to BSEN12329: 2000 Fe/Zn8/CaT2. This is an industrial standard that would be applied to steel components such as hydraulic adaptors.