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Everything you need to know about choosing the right Laminova Oil Cooler and how to install it on your engine plus lots more. All right here in this one website and all for free.

laminova oil cooler

The C43 Laminova Oil Cooler

The C43 style of Laminova Oil Cooler is the most popular of all the Laminova oil coolers. Available in three sizes and with a wide range of connection ports. Seen here in it’s Mocal livery .

The Laminova Oil Cooler is often compared to a regular stamped plate oil to air cooler. I read articles, blog posts, adverts and even retailers quoting ‘X’ number of rows are equal to a certain size of Laminova. The truth is that these two types of oil cooler are so very different in the way they work that such generalisations are just that -very general. It does not give You, the end user real information or convey important facts.

What I don’t cover here is the way in which the Laminova cores transfer heat. This one subject deserves to be covered as a stand alone article.

I want to go over the basics of the Laminova C43 oil cooler. The sizes, weights and sort of uses they have. For specific information I link off to other articles. One way or another we should have the information you need on this website.

Before We Start

If you are in the market for a new Laminova Oil Cooler then you need to visit the Laminova Suppliers page. Tell them Laminova Pro sent you (I do not get commission or any benefit).

What we cover on this page

  • Sizes Available
  • Weights
  • Coolant ports available
  • Oil ports available

What we cover in this website

Install a Laminova Oil Cooler– 3,400 + words long and covering every aspect in detail.

Laminova Oil Cooler Information – Understanding the performance graphs, making sense of the technical information and how to set up your Laminova from the outset. Read this before you buy your Laminova Oil Cooler.

Laminova Assembly Instructions – A step by step guide that shows you exactly how to rebuild your Laminova Oil Cooler.

Laminova Bracket – Designed by Ian Caseley.

Laminova or Regular Oil Cooler – There really is a big difference in the way oil coolers work. Read this if you are interested in how the Laminova system regulates heat loss compared to a regular oil to air cooler.

And much more.

C43 Laminova Oil Cooler Sizes Available

There are three sizes (length) of Laminova Oil Cooler. They are referred to in the following way:

  • Small – C43-92 sometimes identified as C43-90
  • Medium – C43-182 sometimes identified as C43-180
  • Large – C43-332 sometimes identified as C43-330

Custom Size

It is possible to have your Laminova Oil Cooler made to a custom length. The core and housing can be machined down. A custom length Laminova can be supplied by Think Automotive. Call them to discuss your particular needs.

Dual Core

Finally it is also possible to have a dual core set up, where you have engine oil cooling and another small core (92mm) for transmission or power steering cooling. This is a bespoke unit initially developed by Mocal / Think Automotive, I have a page on the Laminove dual core C43 oil cooler.

Small Laminova Oil Cooler

laminova c43 90

Medium Laminova Oil Cooler

laminova c43 180

Large Laminova Oil Cooler

laminova c43 330

Laminova Oil Cooler Weights

The small C43-92 weighs 0.6kg or 600g
The medium C43-182 weighs 0.9kg or 900g
The large C43-332 weighs 1.5kg or 1,500g

Coolant Ports Available

The C43 Laminova can be fitted with different coolant connection ports. There are a wide range of push on hose fittings and threaded AN fittings. Push on hose sizes 16mm up to 45mm, a 90º elbow with 32mm push on and three AN sizes (-16 AN, -20 AN & -24 AN)

laminova oil cooler water ports

Oil Ports Available

There are also a range of AN oil ports that can be fitted to the C43 Laminova. They range in size from -06 AN up to -16 AN. Others may be available.

laminova oil ports